Last Week in Palestine

Hey again!

Catching up now. The last week(s) in Palestine were as normal as they could be. I accidentally attended a Palestinian wedding. Was interesting and totally different. The brides dress and makeup were all sparkly and cool. The couple seemed very young. There were only women in the ceremony, there was a lot of dancing and some cake.

I also finally did it and went to the Dead Sea. It was so cool to float and cover myself in mud. Was also a weird feeling to float so freely. We also went to Jericho after going to the Dead Sea. We climber up a mountain(seems like a normal thing now haha) and visited a cafe on top of the mountain. There was also this nice monaster but it was closed. We drank lemonana( which is probably the most refreshing drink ever) and enjoyed the view.


Then I had the last classes with my football kids. The surprised me and gave me a wooden plate which thanked me for my efforts and they also brought foood, a lot of it!!  I really became to hold my football kids so dear to my heart.

The deep talks we had with the guys, they were like my little brothers. We talked about their beliefs and my beliefs, about the world. We talked about their religion and lack of my religion. And how they view the womens’ role in society. And about the environment. And about being gay- which they couldn’t accept but I totally understand from their perspective. And about relationships and future. Just such smart guys and good human beings.


 And my girls, with whom I could be a kid again and let myself be free. We had so much fun and laughter. I remember a walk I did with Hanin(a 13 year old girl from my group), and she shared that she wanted to travel to London and to China (because her mom had lived in China and speaks chinese)and everwhere else, and she would like to have a big house(although she thought a small house would be better as the family would be closer together), have a bmw and be a doctor. She wants to go to University and not marry young. She also shared that she and her friends had a yelling spot on top of a mountain near the school. And when they had a negative day or emotions, they would go there to yell these emotions out and they also wrote their dreams on small pieces of paper and threw them from the mountain. Now, some businessman is building a mall there, so they cannot go there anymore and have to find a new place for that. I was just blown away- how spiritual can you be. For some people it takes reading self-help books to come to the idea to do something like that.  And the countless selfies we took together and the countless hugs.


And then it was time to say goodbye in the school. I have to say- the kids and teachers also became dear. Especially the art teacher and english teachers. They really accepted me. The Art teacher gave me a Quran in English as a present, which I really appreciated. The whole collective also made a table with such amazing foods and they gave ma gift of traditional jewellry. I really can’t stress enough the kindness of these people.


my dear English teachers


my dear Art teacher


The whole collective


Making olive oil soap in school


And then it was time to say goodbye to my other family. The family of the dance school. Of whom I have almost no pictures. There were so many good times.

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The last day was weird. I didn’t feel like I was leaving. And I suck at goodbyes. So I made them see-you-agains.

I definitely want to go back.. because I miss so many things..

  1. PEOPLE– the kind, warm people whom I met. Despite spending so little time with them, they became close. If you spend time with someone for 3 times, you will already become friends with them. Maybe because you know that you have a limited time until leaving. Probably more like because the people are just different.  In Estonia it would take a year(at least). People are open which made me more open. Despite not speaking the language, you manage somehow. It broke down all of the stereotypes for me. All these walls came down.
  2. FOOD. Need I say more? The rich flavours, fresh falafels, pita bread and hummus– Falafel sandwiches on the street. Ice-cream, freshly pressed juice,  national dishes, it is crazy how good the food is, really. You have to go there and eat the food!!!
  3. NATURE. Although some might say it is dry and not much.. The endless mountains and olive trees took my breath away every time. The crazy mountain roads and beautiful pink sunsets.
  4. LANGUAGE. I have to go back to learn the langugage. My knowledge stayed very basic because almost everyone spoke English. And it was quite a difficult language to learn.
  5. PLACES. So many places still left to visit. Too little time spent in these places I visited. So much history and knowledge to be learnt.
  6. MORE PICTURES, VIDEOS AND SHARING. I have the voice to share what is going on in this part of the world. To show the beautiful and also the not so beautiful. But to mainly show that the stereotypes aren’t always true.  I didn’t do enough of that. To acknowledge the complicated situation but to shine light on the beauty that is still there.






I am not in Palestine anymore. But I have postponed this post for so long now it is ridiculous. I wanted to dedicate a separate post to Hebron.

I went there again with the guy who did the Bethlehem tour and the hike to Jericho.

Me and my friends first went to Bethlehem where we spent the night in a hostel. We also visited the church of  Nativity there.

Here is a picture of the place where Jesus was born.


The following morning me went to Hebron.

As many people told me, Hebron is the case study of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. And many people told me that they did not leave with the most positive feelings.  In Hebron, the Israeli settlements are located inside the city. In general, the situation there is quite fucked up. It is so hard to conclude the information I got during the tour.

We visited a family whose house is between the settlements and he told us his struggles and showed videos of the settlers. The settlers have tried to climb to his roof to take down the Palestinian flag, they have thrown bottles to his windows which hurt her daughter, they have tried taking her daughter. They have tried getting inside his house. But yet despite being offered money  he has refused to sell his home. I guess it is the reflection of the ongoing conflict.  As I understood, the settlers there are very extreme in their beliefs.

We went to the Ibrahim Mosque, where a massacre happened in 1994.  Now wikipedia time:

The Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, also known as the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre or Hebron massacre,[1] was a shooting massacre carried out by American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein, also a member of the far-right Israeli Kach movement. On February 25, 1994, Goldstein opened fire on a large number of Palestinian Muslims who had gathered to pray inside the Ibrahimi Mosque at the Cave of the Patriarchs compound in Hebron, West Bank. It took place on February 25, 1994, during the overlapping religious holidays of both Jewish Purim and Muslim Ramadan.[2] The attack left 29 people dead, several as young as twelve, and 125 wounded.[3] Goldstein was overpowered, disarmed and then beaten to death by survivors. Six weeks later, Hamas carried out two suicide bombings against Israeli citizens, in what it called retaliation

This explains the following pictures. And the Ghost Town, and the Shuhada Street. They are now closed to  Palestinians. You can read about it here . And here


The Ibrahim Mosque



The question of perspective. A writing in ghost town.


Ghost Town.


How the owner of the house protects his house from the settlers( who have tried to climb over that fence)


The settlers from the Palestinian house which is between the settlements


An Israeli soldier


Settlers dancing and singing


Up there young settler boys with guns


Trash thrown by the settlers



I just left this tour feeling kind of meeh. Of course there are two sides to each story but this was just sad.. and I try to be as unbiased as possible but yeah.. left me all confused.

There was a brighter part too, though.

Hebron is amazing for its Handicrafts-named the 2016 World Crafts City . We went to a local glass and ceramics factory. I would have liked to buy everything there. Such nice things.


Next up- one more post and then I am done with this chapter for now 🙂

I’m back.. Kind of

Ma tahan veel kirjutada oma külaskäigust Hebronisse ja oma viimasest nädalast ja hüvastijättudest ja eluolust, ja ma teen seda…aga….Jõudsin täna tagasi koju. Eestisse..mida?!
Läbisin turvakontrolli siuh-sauh, jõudsin Istanbuli, siis Tallinna. Kõik läks nii kiiresti. Hullult imelik oli lennujaamast väljuda ja oma sōbrannasid näha, ma ei saanud eriti aru, et ma ära olen olnud, aga samas sain täiega aru. Pluss ma olin mega väsinud ja unine, kuna olin selleks ajaks juba 24h üleval olnud.

I still want to visit about my visit to Hebron and about my last week and about goodbyes and life and I will.. but I got back home today…. to Estonia.. What?! Getting through security was easypeasy, got to Istanbul, then to Tallinn. I didn’t really realize I had been gone for three months, but at the same time I did. I was so tired and sleepy because I had been up 24 hours already.

Istusin bussi külmas(aga väga ilusas Eestis) ja kuidagi vaikne oli olla. Ei olnud pidevat Ramalla lärmi ja inimeste hõikeid araabia keeles, ei olnud autode tuututamisi, VAIKUS tuimade nägudega inimeste keskel.

Nende kolme kuu vältel elu kees, emotsioonid keerlesid, elu liikus kiiresti.

I sat in a cold bus and it was so quiet. There was no constant noise like in Ramallah and no car signals, no people shouting hello and welcome. There was silence in the middle of numb people.

Ja nüüd ma olen tagasi kodus, keha on unine, kartulisalatit, kapsast ja kohupiimataskuid täis.. Ja mõistus on unine.. Ja ma saan aru, et kui ma võtan kohvrist välja asju, mis mulle Palestiinaga seostuvad, ja jagan oma emotsioone lähedastega, siis mu lähedased on rõõmsad ja huvitatud, aga nad päris lõpuni ei saa aru. Sest see on minu Palestiina lugu ja mälestused ja neid on võimatu täielikult edasi anda, need hetked jäävad minuga minusse endasse.

Here I am. Back home. My body is sleepy, full of potato salad, sauerkraut and pies.. and my mind is sleepy. As I take out things from my suitcase that remind me of Palestine and share my emotions with my family, my family is happy and interested but they don’t really understand. Because it is the story of my Palestine and my memories. It is possible to make them understand because these moments will stay inside me with the memories I made. 

Räägin eesti keeles, aga inglise-araabia keele segu tahab sisse lipsata. Mõistan, et olen tagasi oma mugavuses ja et Eesti on mu kodu ja siia tulles tunnen end alati nii.. Aga mõistan ka, et tänud sellele kogemusele on miski minu sees muutunud, ja tean, et ma ei saa enam jääda oma mugavusse, pean ka siin elu huvitavamaks elama ja seda vürtsitama, ma loodan, et see turvaline mugavus ei võida mind täielikult tagasi.
Kaisutan oma koeri ja kassi.. Ja kuulan helisõnumeid oma sõpradelt Palestiinast. Ma ei tea, millal neid jälle näen. Aga ma tean, et näen.

I speak in Estonian but English-Arabic mix wants to make its way through. I am back in my comfortzone and Estonia is my home and I will always feel like this here. But I also understand that thanks to this experience something has changed within me and I know that I cannot remain in my comfortzone, I have to make my life interesting here as well and spice it up. I hope this safe comfort doesn’t suck me in again. I hug my dogs and my cat. And listen to voice messages from my friends in Palestine. I don’t know when I will see them again…but I will.

Lähedased tunnevad, et ma olin ära paar nädalat. Ise tunnen sama, aga tunnen, et kogemusi ja hetki on nii palju rohkem, mingi muutus mu sees on toimunud, kuigi ma ei oska täpselt hetkel määratleda, mis.
Imelik on olla. Elame tagasi sisse, aga mitte liiga palju.

My family feels I was gone for a few weeks. I feel the same but I feel that I have so much more experiences and moments, something has changed inside me, but I don’t know what. I feel weird. Let’s get used to life here again but not too much. 

Ma tean, et mingi aja pärast tuleb taas see kihk pakkida kott ja minna.

I know that soon again I will have this urge to pack a bag and go.

Mis vahepeal toimunud on?/What Has Been Going On?


Jätkame sealt, kus pooleli jäi. Ma ütlen ausalt, novembri esimene nädal oli ilmselt suhteliselt tavaline, sest seda ma ei mäleta absoluutselt?!  Ettevalmistused käivad ballet performance’ks ja muidu tsillisin Orientis ja käisin Duras nagu ikka.  Käisin ka ujumas.. Väga rutiinne elu haha. Üldse siin on minu jaoks kaks nädalat justkui üks nädal ja oktoobrit ma ei mäleta üldse?! Ma tean, et mul viimastel aastatel mäluga probleemid olnud, aga tõesti mulle tundub, et oktoober jäi vahele. Liiga kiiresti on see aeg läinud ma tunnen. Ühesõnaga, see nädal oli pigem kiire ja nii tavaline kui üks nädal siin Palestiinas olla saab( v.a fakt, et ma olen Palestiinas)


Let’s continue the ride. The first week of November was chill and casual. We are working on the ballet performance, I went swimming. Very much a routine. Two weeks here is like one week back in Estonia and I don’t really remember October at all?! I know I have some problems with my memory but I really feel like I missed October. The time here has passed too quick. So the first week was rather busy and as usual as a week in Palestine can be ( leaving out the fact that I am in Palestine)

Jõuame käesoleva nädala algusesse . Koolielust nii palju, et lõpetasime vaiba tegemise ( no ilmselgelt mitte kõik, aga paljud), tegime veel kaarte taimedega ja patju. Inglise keeles andsin 12.klassile ülesande, mille üle ma olen väga põnevil ja ma tõsimeeli loodan, et nad selle ka täidavad. Jalgpallilapsi oli sel nädalal vähe ja seetõttu muutsime ka kellajad varasemaks.    Reedel käisin sõbranna ja tema sõbrannaga Ramalla lähedal päikeseloojangut vaatamas, väga ilus oli.

Let’s move to the second week. We finished making a small carpet in Art and made cards with some plant leaves. Not many football kids attended this week, so we changed the time to one hour earlier. On Friday I went to see a sunset near Ramallah. Beautiful.


Muideks, Ramallas on ka Nelson Mandela kuju.

Fun Fact. There is a Nelson Mandela statue in Ramallah.


Mandela is a symbol of freedom from colonialism and occupation for many Palestinians.

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,” Mandela famously said in a speech for International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, in Pretoria in 1997.

Laupäeval (12.11) viis tee mind Nablusesse, kus käisin turul ja ostsin zaatarit ja seepi. Kohutsin väga toreda kanakaupmehega, kellel oli väga huvitav maailmapilt ja kes rääkis väga avatult ja vabalt. Tal oli ka külalisteraamat kõikide välismaalaste nimedega, kes tal putkas on istunud ja temaga jutustanud. Võrreldes Eid’i ajal Nabluses käimisega oli pilt HOOPIS teine, rahvast oli VÄGA palju ja elu kees ikka korralikult. Sõin ka kanafet(juustumaius, mis on leotatud magusas siirupis), mis pidi parim olema Nabluses. Hea oli küll, kuid seni on ka Ramallast saadud kanafe väga maitsev olnud.

On Saturday I went to Nablus. I went to the market and bought some zaatar(traditional spice here) and some olive oil soap. I met a wondergul chicken merchant, who had an interesting look on the world and was very open. He had a questbook with all the foreigners that have visited him. Nablus was very much alive and full of people, not like the first time I went there. I also ate kanafe( which is a dessert made of cheese, super sweet) which was supposed to be the best in Nablus. It was good but I couldn’t really tell the difference.

Pühapäeval panime jalgpallipoistega inspireerivad tsitaate kokku ja arutasime nende üle. Huvitav oli.

On Sunday we put together some quotes with the football boys and discussed them. Interesting stuff.

Eile õhtul põrutasime Ninaga Sebastiasse taaskord ning jalutasime seal sõbrannadega superkuu valguses. Täna(15.11) hommikul käisime järjekordsel matkal, tee viis ainult ülesmäkke. Siin on iga matkaga mul selline tunne, et siia ma suren, kuid lõpuks tunnen ennast võitmatuna haha. Ma olen viimasel ajal üpris kehv fotograaf olnud, nii et mul eriti pilte ei ole lisada.

Last night we went to Sebastia again and walked in the light of the supermoon. We went on another hike. With every hike here I have a feeling I will die but in the end I feel invincible haha. 

Mis veel? Varsti lendan tagasi koju. Valmistun vaikselt ette ja varun tavaari, mida soovin tagasi tuua perele ja sõpradele.

Ma tunnen, et ma ei ole väga siia kirjutanud üldiselt eluolust ja huvitavatest jutuajamistest, vaid pigem kirjeldusi oma tegevustest, aga ma üritan lõpupoole teha ka pisut teistmoodi postituse!

Soon I am flying home. I am preparing with buying some local stuff for my friends and family. I have not really writen about the general life here,  I will try to do it though.

See you soon


Näeme varsti


Palju sööki/A Lot of Food


Jätkame siis sellega, mis vahepeal toimunud on.  Ütlen ausalt, et 17-23.oktoobri nädalat ma väga ei mäleta. Oli tavaline ja vaikne. 22. oktoobril käisid jalgpallitüdrukud Orientis külas ja tantsisime, sõime, laulsime karaoket ja vaatasime natukene filmi. Pühapäeval käisin kinos jälle, muide, siin maksab kinopilet 30 Sheeklit, nii et ei ole väga odav lõbu. Saalid on enamasti suhteliselt tühjad. Olen ka paaris Dabkeh(Palestiina traditsiooniline tants) tunnis käinud ja see kiire jalatöö on natukene keeruline mulle, aga ülimalt võimas on küll.


Let’s continue with our adventure. I don’t really remember the week of 17-23. October. It was quiet. On the 22.October the football girls visited Orient, we danced, ate, and sang karaoke. On Sunday I went to the cinema again, the ticket here is 30 Shekels, which is not super cheap though. I have taken some Dabkeh lessons( The traditional dance of Palestine), it is too fast for my feet haha. 

Jõuame siis möödunud nädalasse. Pühapäeval (23.okt), läksin natukene varem Durasse, et osaleda söömingul? Ashrafi perega( jalgpallitreener, üks neist, kelle kaudu Dura külasse jalgpallilaste juurde sattusin). Laual oli kõike head ja paremat ja ma pugisin enne tundi korralikult kõhu täis. Siin on pered suured ja seda on tore vaadata. Mina oma ühe cousiniga  saan siin pigem üllatunud pilke.  Samal õhtul nägin ka pidustust paar maja minu tundide toimumise kohast eemal. Nimelt pääses üks noormees pärast kahte aastat vangist välja ja selle auks oli tehtud suur pidu, st. terve küla oli oodatud sööma. Ka Iisraeli droon jälgis taevast, mis toimub.

On Sunday (23.oct) I went to Dura a little bit earlier to eat with the family of Ashraf(the football coach). The table was full of yummy home made food. The families here are big. Me with my one cousin got many surprised looks. The same night I also saw a celebration in the village. One guy got out of the Israeli prison and a huge party was organised to celebrate. An Israeli drone also watched from the sky.


Sellest nädalast otsustasime, et hakkan ka kolmapäeva hommikuti Dura koolis käima, just kunstiõpetuse tundides. Leidsin õpetajaga väga hea kontakti, kuna talle meeldib ka väga taaskasutus. Ta muidugi väga inglise keelt ei oska, kuid kuidagi saame ikka üksteisest aru ning ta ise on ka rõõmus, et tal põhjust inglise keelt praktiseerida. Idee on selles, et teeme koos tema ja lastega erinevat taaskasutust ja mina teen seda lastega inglise keeles, et arendada nende suhtlemist läbi käelise tegevuse.  Need paar tundi, kus käisin, toimisid küll, lapsed rääkisid minuga inglise keeles ja üritasid leida sõnu, millega ennast väljendada. Otustasime, et sel nädalal teeme vaipa kartulikotist ja lõngast.  Kolmapäeval sattusin koolis ka inglise keele supervisori otsa, kes uuris minult, et miks laste rääkimisoskus nii kehv on ja arvas, et inglise keele õpetajad peaksid ikka koolis kogu aeg inglise keeles rääkima, ka vahetundides.  Oh well.  Õhtul läksin kontserdile, mis oli korraldatud vähihaigete toetamiseks ja oli tegelikult kestnud juba terve päeva. Seal esines Trio de Joubran, Maher tantsis ja oli palju teisi esinejaid. Täis saal ja vinge üritus.

We decided, that starting from this week, I will also go to Dura school on Wednesdays to attend Art lessons. I made a great contact with the teacher, she cannot speak English that well and I cannot speak Arabic but somehow we manage. The idea is that we teach the children together, we do some recycling and I speak in English. It is a more free environment for the children to practise their language without so much pressure.  I also met the English supervisor who asked my why the level of speaking is so low and thought that the teachers should speak only English in school. Oh well. The best speakers here are kids and grownups who have lived in America or have and independent will to really learn English on their own. 

Nädalavahetusel võtsime sõbrannaga ette getaway Sebastiasse, mis on väike külakene Nabluse lähedal. Tõsiselt ilus oli. Ööbisime külalistemajas, mille omanik oli väga lahke ja rõõmsameelne. Vaatasime päikeseloojangut, nägime varemeid, nautisime, sõime maqlubet ja jalutasime ringi ja mängisime PALJU kaarte(siinset ülipoppi mängu HANDS), jõime palju teed ja kohvi, käisime 9 kilomeetrisel matkal ülikõrge mäe otsa, kust avanes vaade Nablusele, sõime, sõime, sõime, saime küüdi matkalt tagasi Sebastiasse kuttidega, kes arvasid, et me võiksime nendega abielluda, et nad viisa saaksid Euroopasse.

The weekend was a getaway for me and my friend. We went to Sebastia which is a small village near Nablus. It was soo nice. We stayed in a guesthouse, the owner was kind. We watched the sunset, saw some ruins, ate maqlube, walked, played a lot of cards( a game called HANDS), went on a 9 km hike on top of a huge mountain which overlooked Nablus, ate, ate, ate, got a ride back to Nablus with guys who thought we should marry them so they could get a visa to Europe.


Mõned mu pereliikmed on uurinud, et kas ma olen siin alla ka võtnud. Ma arvan, et pigem mitte. Siinsed toidud maitsevad mulle väga ja ma jään neid raudselt igatsema!!

Some of my family members have asked if I have lost any weight here. I guess not. The food here is amazing and I am fully enjoying it. 

Mul on nii palju videomaterjali kogunenud, et ma ei kujuta ette ka, millal valmib üks korralik video minu toimetustest siin, let’s hope for the best, et millalgi see tuleb.

Kuu aega veel ja siis koju! (ausalt öeldes, oktoobrit nagu polekski olnud, nii kiirelt on aeg läinud)

A month to go and then it is time to go home. Whaat.

Kõik nädalad ei ole vennad/All Weeks Are Not Brothers


Ma ei hakka isegi enam mainima, et palju aega möödas. Tundub lihtsalt, et iga kahe nädala tagant ma kirjutan. Igastahes, kui ma matkal ära käisin tookord, siis alustasin oma nädalat valutavate jalgadega, kuid lustliku meelega.


I won’ even mention that a lot of time has passed. It just seems that after every two weeks I will write. So after the hike mentioned in the previous post, I started my week with sore feet but a happy mind.

Töö suhtes. Igal esmaspäeval ja teisipäeval olen kella üheksast kaheteistkümneni Dura Al-Qaris tüdrukute koolis.  Igal pühapäeval ja kolmapäeval kella viiest seitsmeni veedan aega jalgpallilastega. Mul on ka tekkinud juba oma lemmik service’i juht, kes mulle hoogsalt araabiakeelseid sõnu õpetab ja alati nii lõbus on, et teeb kohe hommikud rõõmsaks. Ülejäänud aja veedan Orientis(eelnevalt olen sellele viidanud kui tantsukoolile). Tundide suhtes käin endiselt õpetajatega kaasas ja saan mõndasid tunni osasid läbi viia. Jalgpallilastega kohtumine on minu nädala kõrghetk.

Regarding work. Every Monday and Tuesday from 9 until 13 I am in the Dura Al Qari girls school. Every Sunday and Wednesday from 5 until 7 I spend time with the football children. I have found my favourite service driver, who teaches me Arabic and is always so fun, it makes the morning much better. The rest of the time I spend in Orient( dance school). I follow the teachers and can do some parts of the lessons. Meeting the football kids is the highlight of my week. 

Ütlen ausalt, et viimased kaks nädalat oli meel kuidagi nukker ja energeetiline seis mingil määral paigast ära. Ei tea, kas asi oli koduigatsuses või milleski muus. Nüüd on juba kõik hästi, aga ma ei taha jätta muljet, et mingeid low-momente ei ole ja kõik on rõõsa-roosa, sest elu ei ole alati selline. Samas on väga palju enda mõtetes kinni. Ja ma tean ka, et mul on enda mõtetega alati probleeme olnud.

The last two weeks I was kind of sad and the energetic state was unbalanced. I don’t know if it was home sickness or something else. Now it is all good but I don’t want to only write about the good things and that there aren’t any is mostly stuck in my mind though and I have always had problems with my thoughts. 

Igastahes, eelmisel nädalavahetusel käisin korra läbi Arafati mausoleumist, kus vaiksel reedel tervitasid mind tüdinud, kuid naerusuised sõduripoisid. Siis istusin siinses pargis ja jälgisin inimesi ja siis käisin kinos üksi, kus arglik kinopoiss küsis käte värisedes minu feissbuuki, et inglise keelt praktiseerida.  Vaatasin filmi Bilal, mis oli täitsa vahva. Laupäeval käisin ujumas (õnneks olen ma saanud sõbrannaga ujumas käia, kuid üldiselt on ühekordne pääse päris kallis, 80 NISi, mis on ca 20 eurot, küll piiramatu ujumine, kuid basseini osas põhimõtteliselt nagu Vinni ujula)  ja siis Prantsuse-Saksa instituudis väikesel koosviibimisel ja siis ühel kunstinäitusel. Muideks, alustasin ka contemporary ballet tundidega, kus hetkel õpin tantsukava Kings of Leoni-Around the World muusikaga. Mõnus on ennast jälle liigutada.

Last week I briefly walked into the Arafat mausoleum where on a quiet Friday tired but smiling soldiers greeted me. Then I sat in a park nearby and watched people. They were with their families and doing barbecue.  Then I went to the cinema alone(which I love) where the shy cinemaboy asked for my facebook(his hands were shaking). I watched the movie Bilal, which was pretty good. On Saturday I went swimming( fortunately I have been able to go with my friend, but in general the pass is expensive, one time is 80 Shekels which is about 20 Euros) and then I went to the French-German Instute for a small gathering.

Algas uus nädal (9.oktoobril), mis oli natukene shitty. Esiteks, nägin esimest korda konflikti Iisraeli sõdurite ja Palestiinlaste vahel. Päris jube oli see pilt, kuidas nad mööda teeäärt ronisid, relva sihtisid ning tulistasid. Kohalikud ei teinud teist nägugi ja küsisid ohates: ,,Esimest korda näed, jah?”. Olin just teel oma jalgpallitüdrukute juurde ja väga sobivalt oli üks tüdruk võtnud kaasa sobiva teksti, mida ma teiega ka jagan.

A new week (started 9th October) was kind of shitty. First, I saw a conflict between the Israeli soldiers and Palestinian for the first time. It was pretty scary to see the soldiers climb on the edge of the road and shooting. The locals didn’t have a change in their expression because this is their normal. I was just on my way to my football girls and one girl had taken this text with her.


Koolis, 12.klassi tunnis, pidid õpilased rääkima oma eesmärkidest uueks aastaks ja takistustest, mis võivad nende täitumisel esineda ning  määrama õnnestumise protsendi. Enamus tüdrukuid rääkisid, et soovivad lõpueksamid hästi sooritada, kuid panid oma õnnestumise protsentideks ainult 50%, mitte rohkem. Üks tüdruk rääkis, kuidas ta sooviks minna õppima mõnda inglisekeelsesse riiki, takistuseks märkis ta okupatsiooni, kuid õnnestumise protsendiks 95% ja see hetk oli kuidagi bittersweet mu jaoks. Mul oli niigi kuidagi eriti emotsionaalne olla seesmiselt ja ma tundsin, kuidas mul läks silm kergelt niiskeks. Teine tüdruk rääkis, et ta sooviks maailmale tutvustada, et islam on rahu usk. Takistuseks märkis ta inimeste eelarvamused islami suhtes, kuid õnnestumise protsendiks siiski 95%! Jee!

In school, in the class of 12th grade, the students had to talk about their goals for the new year and the obstacles on their way and then they had to set the percentage of success for that goal. Most of the girls talked about how they want to be successful in thei finals but only had the success rates of 50% for themselves. One girl talked how she would like to go and study in an English speaking country. The obstacle was the occupation but the success rate was 95% and that moment was bittersweet for me. I was feeling emotional in general and I felt my eye tear up a litte. Another girl spoke how she would like to introduce islam to the world as a peaceful religion. The obstacles were the prejudices regarding islam, but the success rate was still 95%! WII!!

Reedel läksime sõbrannaga Birzeiti, mis on siinne ülikooli küla?linn?. Väga armas teine. Kõndisime selle ümbruses, aga meil väga suurt matkajaksu ei olnud, seega pöördusime suhteliselt kiirelt väikesesse kohvikusse ülimalt maitsvat kõhutäidet püüdma. See oli AMAZING.

On Friday we went to Birzeit, which is an university town here. It was very cute.  We walked a little but were feeling lazy and went eating instead..story of my life. But the food was freaking amazing. 


Kuid kuna see nädal oli üldjoontes juba poolel teel allamäge(mõningate tõusudega), siis tuli ikka paar piiska veel, sest reedel koju jõudes nägin meie kodukassi, Abussambra, elutut keha lebamas meie hoovis. Ta oli nimelt maja ees tänaval auto alla jäänud. Asja tegi minu jaoks eriti kurvaks see, et hommikul olin just temaga natukene tülitsenud, kui ta jälle mu tuppa njäuguma tuli. Seega, meie viimane hetk ei olnud kõige sõbralikum. See tegi meele kurvaks ja andis ka elulise õppetunni. Eks te mõelge ise, mis see olla võis. Sel õhtul sõime jäätist, Nutellat ja vaatasime filmi Roman Holiday.  Laupäeval käisime Days of Cinema esimese dokumentaalfilmi linastusel. Filmiks oli Our Last Tango ja kui kellelgi teist avaneb võimalus seda vaadata, siis soovitan soojalt. Ülimalt eluline, kirglik ja ilus oli ning tõmbas ikka silma niiskeks ka.

As this week was going down the drains anyway then of course this was the week when our kitten Abussambra was hit by a car and left this world. It was especially sad for me because I had had a little fight with her in the morning. This was a life lesson. This evening we ate ice cream, Nutella and watched the movie Roman Holiday. On Saturday we went to the Days of Cinema festival where we watched the documentary called Our Last Tango, if you have the chance to see it, please do! Extremely passionate, beautiful!

Jõuame siis tänasesse. Pärast tööd tahtsin nende samade kinopäevade raames minna vaatama filmi Rough Stage, mis on lugu meie Orienti asutajast Maherist. Idee poolest pidi teekond hoonesse, kus film linastus, olema ülimalt lihtne. Arvake, kas oli? Esiteks, ei kirjutanud ma endale üles, kuhu ma minema peaks( araabia keeles), teiseks, mul puudus telefonis internet, et järele uurida. Filmi alguseni oli jäänud 5 minutit ja ma ei teadnud, kuhu ma minema pean. Pöördusin siis enda lähedal olevasse mersude ja bemmide esindusse ja küsisin, et kas neil telefonis netti on ja kuhu ma minema pean. Lõpuks jõudsime selgusele, kuhu minek ja ühel kutil kästi mind ära visata. Kuna kutt ei saanud päris täpselt aru, kuhu minema peab, võtsime peale ta tüdruksõbra, kes valdas ülihästi inglise keelt ja oli palju Euroopas reisinud. Nad helistasid oma sõbrad läbi( kuna neil polnud ka netti telefonis), kuid keegi ei teadnud, kus see hoone peaks asuma. Lõpuks astusime ühte kohvikusse, laenasime wifit ning jõudsime selgusele, kuhu minek. Vahepeal sain jutustada telefonis ka nende sõbraga, kes töötab turimisbüroos. Nad olid tõesti ülimalt sõbralikud ja südamlikud inimesed. Tüdruk rääkis, kuidas talle tohutult meeldib käia välismaal, ja ka siin Vahemeres, kuid lubade saamine on raske. Praegu nimelt peab tema boyfriend ainult piltidelt vaatama, kuidas tüdruk ujumas käib, sest ta ise luba ei saa, kuna oli vahepeal kaks kuud vangis, sest andis ühele juudi mehele tutakat. Muideks, tüdruk mainis ka, et kui mul on soovi kohtuda Palestiina presidendiga, siis andku ma ainult talle teada, sest ta  isa töötab presidendiga. Ehk on järgmine postitus kohtumisest presidendiga  haha. 40 minutit hiljem jõudsin filmile, kallistasin oma päästjaid ning vahetasime telefoninumbreid, et millalgi koos chillida.

And now today. After work I wanted to go and see the movie Rough Stage, which is about the director of our dance school, Maher. The road to the establishment where the movie was shown was supposed to be super easy. Of course not for me. I didn’t write down where I have to go and I didn’t have internet on my phone. I had 5 minutes until the start of the movie and I had no idea where to go. I stopped at the nearby bmw and audi shop and asked help. Because the guy there didn’t understand where we have to go we went and picked up her girlfriend who spoke excellent English. We drove around Ramallah and had no idea where to go. They called their friends, borrowed some wifi and finally figured out where to go. Such friendly people. The girl told me how she really likes going abroad and also in the Mediterranean Sea but getting the permit to do that is difficult. For now, her boyfriend can only look from the pictures when she is going swimming in the sea because he cannot get a permit as he had a fight with a jew and spent two months in jail. Also, the girl mentioned that if I want to meet the president of Palestine, she could totally arrange that, as her father work with him. 40 minutes after the start of the movie we finally found the place. I hugged my saviours and we exchanged numbers to hang out.

Olemegi jõudnud tänasesse õhtusse. Ütlen ausalt, tänasega muutus mu emotsionaalne seisund jälle heaks ja see madalseis läks mööda.

With today, the low-time has passed and my emotional balance is good again. Yay life! 



Kaks matka hiljem/Two Hikes Later


Mina siin jälle. 10 päeva pärast eelmist postitust. Aeg liigub kuidagi teistmoodi siin.

Mis ma siis vahepeal teinud olen?

Esiteks, töö.


Me again, 10 days after the last post. Time moves differently here. What have I done?

First, work.

Enamus päevad on möödunud tantsukoolis, kus tegelen paberitega, samuti alustasime tantsukooli logo tegemist naeltega ning nende naelte ümber soovime tulevikus panna niidi, aga selleni jõudmine võtab aega. Kui mul jääb aega ja lapsi on tantsukoolis tundide vahepeal, oleme ka meisterdanud lihtsaid ja kiireid asju. Olen ka jalgpallilastega kohtunud, tähistasime ühe tüdruku sünnipäeva pargis ning poistele tutvustasin enda elu Eestis ja  arutasime erinevatel teemadel. Meil poistega kohati jutt jookseb päris hästi ja huvitav on nende arvamusi erinevatel teemadel kuulata.   Hetkel õpimegi üksteist paremini tundma, et saaksime usalduse tekitada. Vaikselt tunnen, kuidas lapsed hakkavad mind seal omaks võtma ja mul on alati väga hea meel neid näha.

Most days have been spent in the dance school, where I deal with papers. When I have time and there are children after the classes, I will do some arts and crafts with them. I have met up with the football children, we celebrated the birthday of one girl in the park and I introduced my life in Estonia. I feel that with the boys we have great conversations and I love listening to their opinions. We are getting to know each other better to form trust. I feel that the children are starting to trust me more and I am always super happy to see them.

Yasmina oma lindude Beauty ja Cutie’ga.

Yasmina with her bird Beauty and Cutie. 


liblika käevõrud on väga popid

Butterfly bracelets are super popularmeisteruds

sissepääs tantsukooli

Entry to the dance school


taaskasutusena tehtud toolid

Recycled chairstaaskasutus

 Olen nüüd ka paar korda käinud sama küla koolis tunde vaatamas, kus jalgpallilapsi õpetan. Hetkel on neil seal suhteliselt segane korraldus, sest mõned õpetajad on puudu ja see tähendab, et neil ei ole kindlat graafikut, vaid nad saavad iga päeva lõpus järgmise päeva graafiku, mis teeb aga igasuguse planeerimise natukene keeruliseks.  Olen jälginud põhiliselt 6-12 klassi tunde, sest noortematele tuli täiesti verivärske õpetaja, seega ei ole mind tema tundidesse väga tahetud veel lasta.. Klapime päris hästi vanemate klasside õpetajaga(9-12), kes on lasknud mul paari osa tunnist juba läbi ka viia ja kes on väga vastutulelik ja sõbralik.  Nii palju kui inglise keele tunde olen vaadanud ja õpetajatega suhelnud, võin öelda, et üldiselt on siin tase päris nõrk. Lapsed oskavad küll lünki täita ja õpikut järgida, kuid suhtlemine ja hääldamine on problemaatilised.  Vahetunnis olen üritanud lastega rohkem suhelda inglise keeles, kuid õpilased on kas arglikud inglise keelt rääkima või lihtsalt ei oska. On mõned õpilased, kes räägivad väga hästi, sest on elanud nt. Ameerikas. Samas on õpetajate poolt selline tagasiside, et ei olegi aega väga sellele faktorile keskenduda, sest riikliku plaani järgi on neil kindlad tähtajad, mille jooksul nad peavad teatud teemad läbima ja siis tulevad veel ka supervisorid töö tulemuslikkust hindama.  Noortematel klassidel on igal nädalal 3×40 minutit inglise keelt ja vanematel 5×40, kuid kui selle ajaga peab täitma etteantud plaanid ja ajast jääb veel puudugi, on raske midagi aeganõudvamat rakendada. Eks me hakkame koos selle kallal töötama ja üritame mingeid muudatusi  sisse viia. Samuti tahaksin selles koolis viia läbi loovtegevust-taaskasutust läbi inglise keele, kuid pean mõtlema ja vaatama, kuidas seda kõige parem teha oleks.

I have went to watch some lessons in a girls school in the same village where I teach English for the football children. They have quite a messy organisation at the moments because some teachers are missing, which means they don’t have a fixed schedule, which makes planning of any sorts difficult. I have watched the lessons of 6-12th grade because the younger ones have such a fresh teacher. We have a good relationship with the teacher of the older grades(9-12), who has let me do some parts of the lesson. In general the level of English is quite weak. The children can fill the gaps, but they have problems with speaking freely and communication in that part. The best speakers are students who have lived in America. The teachers have said that they have a plan they have to fulfill and then supervisors come and see how it is going. The younger students have 3×40 minutes of English weekly and the older ones 5×40 but there is not enough time to do something more time consuming because they have to fulfill the plan.. Maybe together we can find a way to change that. 

Muideks, kõik need järgnevad pildid tegid tüdrukud ise. Ma olen siin tähele pannud, et osadel noortel ja lastel on väga hea silm pildistamise peale, mis teeb meele heaks.





veevõtu koht

a spring where you can get water to drink


Mina ja jalgpallikutid

me and the football guys


Mina ja tüdrukud koolist

me and the girls from school


Teiseks, niisama eluolu.

Second, life in general.

Olen üritanud suhtelisest chillilt võtta, palju falafeli võileibu söönud, jagelenud väikese kassipojaga, kes ei olegi enam nii väike ja kelle lemmiktegevus on näugumine igas olukorras. Positiivse poole pealt: Igapäevane kreisi higistamine on tunduvalt vähemaks jäänud( too much information?), keha hakkab harjuma juba. Negatiivse poole pealt: Olen ikka samasugune ülemõtleja ja muretseja, ei oska väga chillilt võtta alati. Samuti olen üritanud oma Eestis ootava kooliga tegeleda, tore uudis on see, et kontrolltöö, mis määrab, kas saan eksamile, toimub 2. detsembril, tagasi jõuan 1. detsembril :))) Aga ma üritan rohkem kohalikku attitude’i rakendada ja võtta natukene lõdvemalt kõike ja selle väikese pingeora, mis on ennast sügavale minusse istutanud, välja juurida.

I have been trying to be quite chill, been eating a lot of falafel sandwiches, dealt with the kitten who likes to meow in every situation. On a more positive note: daily crazy sweating is becoming lesser, body is getting used to the temperature. Negative note: I am an overthinker and overworrier, cannot take life in a chill way all the time. I will try to have more of a local attitude and take it easyy. 

Mõned tähelepanekud. Ramallas on Kentucky´s Fried Chicken( ka Arab Fried Chicken), Pizza Hut, Cinnabon(mis meenutab häid Kanada aegu), palju fro-yo kohti, Dominos Pizza ja nii edasi. Ramallas elu käib ja võib-olla seda ei osanudki ma oodata, et siin on nii palju kõike. Igas mõttes. Tänaval ikka põhilised tervitused mulle: Hello, How are you, Where are you from ja tuututused. Aga seda ei ole ülimalt tihti.

Some obsercations. There is Kentucky’s Friend Chicken( also Arab Friend Chicken), Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, a lot of fro-yo places, Dominos Pizza and so on. Life is really buzzing in Ramallah and I think that is something I didn’t expect at all. Here is so much of everything..In every way. I get quite a bit of attention on the streets because well.blonde hair. 

Ahjaa, matkamas olen ka käinud. Käisime Ramalla lähedal külas. Kõndisime umbes 12 kilomeetrit. Tänu siinsele mägisusele ja kivisusele tundus teekond palju pikem. Meie matk oli mingil määral ka allamäkke ronimine selleks, et jõuda orgu, kuhu otsest teerada ei viinud. See oli imeline kogemus. Mina oma Vansi tennistega, mis olid üllatavalt mugavad. Kuigi vahepeal ca. 90 kraadisest mäest üles ronides oli mul tunne, et that’s it, siis avanevad vaated ning ootus hilisema  basseinikülastuse ees panid jalad ikka lõpuni sammuma. Boy, was it worth it.  Ma üritan pildid kätte saada ja siia lisada, seni aga väike video. Kasutasin siin videos sellise koosseisu imelist muusikat(ilmselt varsti kaob see video natukene illegaalse muusikavaliku pärast though)

We have gone hiking as well. Near Ramallah. We walked like 12 kilometers. Thanks to the mountains and rocks here the road seemed much longer. In one point, climbing up a 90 degree mountain I thought that this is where I will die. I didn’t though and seeing the view was worth it. A small video as well.

Pärast matka läksime Taybehi October Festivalile. Mul oli ka alguses küsimus, et midaa, October Festival Palestiinas? Aga nii see on. Nendel kahel päeval ärkab väike Taybehi küla ellu, et tutvustada kohalikele ja turistidele sealses külas valmivat õlu, mis on juba ka maailmas päris kuulus. Pidustusi saadavad õlu, erinevad toidud, muusika. Idee on iseenesest äge, aga mulle tundub, et rohkem turistidele suunatud. Millegi pärast ma seda üritust ei fiilinud, võib-olla olin liiga väsinud matkast, aga liiga palju inimesi ja liiga vähe ruumi. Samas olen õnnelik, et ära nägin.

Then we went to the Taybeh October Festival. First question, October Festival in Palestine? In these two day the small village of Taybeh comes alive to introduce locals and tourists the beer that is produced there. The festivities include a lot of beer, music. The idea is cool but definitely more focused on the tourists and expats. I wasn’t feeling it too much because of the hike I had previously and too many people, too little space. 

Üritan  nüüd jõuda tänasesse päeva. Käisin jälle matkamas. Seekord Anatast(Ramalla lähedal) Jeerikosse selle sama kutiga, kes teeb tuure Petlemmas. Meiega olid veel kaks välismaalast, kes olid nii toredad.  SEE OLI ÜLIÄGEEE. Matkasime läbi Keit Valley oru, alustasime kuivast maastikust, kuid mida kauem kõndisime, seda rohelisemaks kõik läks. Varsti olime justkui dzunglis. Vesi leidis oma tee orgu ning nii me turnisime kividel ja läbi bambuseliste koobaste nagu tarzanid. Meid saatev veevulin tegi mind nii rõõmsaks. Siis tegime pausi ning saime nautida Farah allika veemõnusid. Asja tegi natukene kurvaks see, et kohtasime tee peal ka Iisraeli asunduste elanikke, kes elavad antud oru üleval. Neil olid relvad vöö peal. Meie giid(kes on tegelikult palestiinlane, kuid räägib ülihästi inglise keelt), uuris inglise keeles, et miks neil relvad kaasas on. Ja talle vastati, et araablaste jaoks. See oli hirmus.

So today. I went on a hike again. From Anata to Jericho with the same guy who does the walking tours in Bethlehem. It was super cool. We hiked through Keit Valley. It was very dry in the beginning but the more we walked the more jungle-like it became. There was water!!!  We also met some Israeli settlers who were carrying guns. Our tour guide(who is arab), asked in his almost flawless English ‘Why the guns?’ and they answered ‘ For the arabs’. It was a little bit scary. 

Farah allikas elavad  kalad, kellele meeldib jalgadelt surnud nahka süüa( no need, keda Eestis ja mujal maailmas suhteliselt kalli raha eest spaades kasutatakse). Meie aga pistsime oma jalad vette ning nautisime täitsa niisama neid mõnusid. Edasi liikusime St. George’i kloostri juurde, mis on kalju seina ehitatud klooster. Kahjuks oli külastusaeg juba läbi, kuid vaatepilt oli sellegi poolest imeline. Edasi matkasime Jeerikosse ning oli tunda, kuidas temperatuur läks soojemaks. Jeeriko on nimelt maailma vanim jätkuvalt asustatud linn ning asub merepinnast all pool. Vot nendel viimastel kilomeetritel oli mul küll tunne, et ma lihtsalt ei pea enam vastu. Päike ja kuumus olid minu jaoks liiga palju. Pingutasin siiski lõpuni ning lõpetasime oma päeva maitsva palestiina toidu söömisega ning jalgade kastmisega külma allikavette. Mööda kitsaid ja käänulisi mägiteid tagasi kihutades imetlesin aknast päikeseloojangupunast mägist vaatepilti ja mõtlesin, et kas mul saab sellest kunagi küllalt? Niivõrd ilus oli see hetk.

In the spring of Farah there are these small fish who eat the skin of your feet. We dipped our feet in the water and enjoyed the free spa. Then we continued to the monastery of St. George which is a monastery built inside a mountain. Then we continued our hike towards Jericho and the temperature got hotter and gotter. Jericho is the oldest continuously habited city and is below sea level. The last kilometers, I again had the feeling that I will die. The heat was too much. But I did it. we ended the hike with Palestinian food and dipping our feet to the spring water. 

Driving back, I admired the mountains and sunset from the window of a rather speeding service and thought’Will I ever get enough?’